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ORTHOVISC® (High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan)

ORTHOVISC® is a FDA-approved therapy medication injected directly into the knee and is used to treat knee pain in patients with joint inflammation (osteoarthritis). Patients who have not responded to other treatments such as acetaminophen, exercise, or physical therapy may benefit from it's use. The medication is similar to a substance that occurs naturally in the joints. Acting as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint, helping the knee to move smoothly, thereby lessening pain. The series of injections can last up to 6 months, although individual results may vary, some people feel pain relief after the first injection.


ORTHOVISC® joint and is the only injection made from ultra-pure natural hyaluronan—which is naturally found in healthy joint fluid.

ORTHOVISC® injections are given 1 a week for 3 consecutive weeks to help restore healthy joint fluid to cushion, protect and lubricate your knee joint.

Ask Dr. Hanlon or Dr. Kehoe if ORTHOVISC® might be a good choice to relieve your knee pain. More information about ORTHOVISC®